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Secondary Fiber

Seaport International deals in all grades of waste paper and secondary fiber. Seaport International aims to provide the highest quality fibers at competitive prices.

We specialize in the supply of the bulky grades such as OCC, ONP, Office Pack and Mixed Paper, yet we also work with many specialty grades. Our supply channels include MRFs, box plants, distribution centers, printers, converters and paper mills. Our customer base is comprised of paper mills, molded pulp mills, insulators, land application and packaging manufacturers. As the demand for recovered paper continues to grow, we continually cultivate new relationships.

Seaport International Paper Brokerage Services

Joblot and Off-Grade Rollstock

Seaport International works closely with mills to remove and sell off-grade joblot rolls and joblot pulp to secondary markets. We work with manufacturers to move product discretely into non-competitive markets. We can market your side trim rolls, excessive inventory or damaged product to markets worldwide.

Prime Rollstock

Seaport International also markets a variety of prime paper rolls. We work with some of the largest paper mills worldwide.



Recycling and Sustainability

Due to growing recovery rates of recyclable materials, the recycling industry is playing a large role in environmental sustainability. Each year the percentage of recovered paper that is kept out of the landfills continues to rise. Seaport International strives to help protect the environment for today and for future generations.


Experience, Dedication and Knowledge

Seaport International

Seaport International’s 20+ years of expertise and dedication have made us one of the most trusted suppliers to paper mills in the Pacific Northwest and throughout Asia.
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